Friday, August 31, 2007

Explore Twitter!

I knew something like this would happen. This just appeared on Twitter this afternoon, on the right hand side, below my name is a box saying "Cool new stuff: Explore Twitter with a link to
Explore Twitter

What's interesting about this is the sponsor, yep, you guessed it, a wireless cell phone company, Motorola. They cell phone companies must just love Twitter.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

23 Things on a Treo or web enabled phone

If I have the time I hope to see which of the 23 Things can be done from a smartphone, such as a Treo.

Awhile ago while waiting for a program to start I did try out Things 4 (Flickr) and 9 (Twitter)

Flickr on a mobile phone allows you view recently uploaded photos. You can also search photos by tags or keywords. While on the road I tried to sign in to my account to see what I could do and couldn't because my username has an underscore and I couldn't find the character on the keyboard. Back at the office I pulled out the manual and got signed in. Once signed in one can add comments and view photos from contacts. You can not see groups, sets, or collections. Uploading is done through email.

Twitter has a nice mobile interface. Simple, clean. You see the tweets, can update, can get to your followed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

YouTube and "friends"

I'm getting really tired of this "friend" thing of Web 2.0. It's not all that friendly.

I got an invitation from YouTube to friend a 19 year old who appears to be into cars. Why me? He is also blasting me with emails to view each of his videos. In checking his profile it looks like he's annoyed a lot of people with his "spam" invitations. I can't figure out what brought him into my sphere of influence. I currently only have four videos on Youtube, none having anything to do with cars nor of interest to 19 year olds as far as I can tell. None have very many views. What's the point of inviting total strangers to view your videos? Do you get money for high hit rates?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thing 14 Technorati revisited

Just joined Technorati and "claimed" this blog. I can now see when others blog about my blog. Very narcissistic isn't it? But it is fun.

Once I did that I was able to go to the "Watchlist" tab in Technorati, add the URL for this blog, and then subscribe to an RSS feed to be made aware of future references. I'm watching you watching me.

Others looking at Twitter

Andy Ihnatko, columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, reports on a second thoughts about Twitter (published yesterday) after reviewing it a few months ago. His comments mirror my opinion:

All a Twitter

The process of writing a column doesn't end when the column hits print. Additional time and experience often change my opinions. Take Twitter, for example. A few months ago, I gave it a pretty lukewarm review. I just didn't get it: You sign up for a free account on, and then you can send out 140 character text messages that the whole world can read. "A petri dish for galloping pointlessness," I sniffed, after duly discussing its possible attractions.

Still, it's so bloody popular, I determined to stick with it. Either I'd discover that I got it wrong, or I'd be armed with enough ammo to redouble my arrogance.

I'm sorry to report that it's the former. Twitter is indeed pointless . . . but only until a certain critical mass of your friends join up, and start Twittering regularly. I often think of little things that don't merit a phone call or a blog post, but are interesting enough to share anyway. Twitter fills that void nicely ( and posting or reading a Tweet often leads to an e-mail or a phone call. A Tweet isn't actual social interaction, but it's an enzyme that helps the process along.

Full article: Second takes on some first impressions

There are a few people at CSL using Twitter regularly. I've seen intra-bureau and intra-section communication open up due to Twitter. Staff get to know their semi-remote co-workers as people and friends, not just a name on the email list.

Monday, August 6, 2007


A very good commentary of the concept of Friends in social networking was posted this week by Max Kalehoff, vice president of marketing for Nielsen BuzzMetrics. Read the comments too as most are quite thoughtful. "Please, No More Friends!"

Twitter and the Los Angeles Fire Department

The Los Angeles Fire Department is using Twitter to broadcast emergencies it is responding to:

PC World Magazine has a very good article online describing how the LAFD is using Web 2.0 technologies. LA Fire Department all 'aTwitter' over Web 2.0.