Sunday, January 18, 2009

25 Things

There is a meme going around Facebook, 25 random things about yourself. You are to then tag 25 other people to do the same thing. I'll not put anyone on the spot by tagging them. If you wish to participate, go ahead and add a note to your Facebook profile or a post to your blog. To my two blog readers, here's more about me.

1 I'm a morning person
2 I can't stand the flavor of licorice, root beer, anise, etc.
3 Was an avid international folk dancer
4 I've collected elephant stuff since age 5
5 First job was as a summer camp counselor
6 I spent my senior year of college on the education abroad program in Israel
7 Became a librarian because I liked my roommate's homework
8 Wanted to be an archaeologist to dig up ancient tombs in Egypt
9 My cell phone is almost always off
10 Created a neighborhood lending library when I was in elementary school. Jennifer still has a book overdue
11 Have four pleasure books being read at a time, one per location: home, bus, work, walk
12 Still have my tonsils and wisdom teeth
13 Wear sensible shoes
14 My first computer was a Kaypro II
15 I've never had a pet
16 I'm extremely shy
17 I've only owned 3 cars in over 30 years
18 Never smoked, ever
19 Don't understand the appeal of gambling
20 I used to answer all the questions sent to the California Home Page, some were doozies
21 I hate eggplant
22 My idea of a great vacation is a cruise, not much planning needed
23 I miss being a cataloger
24 Walk several miles every day
25 Prefer hot weather to cold

As I was trying to come up with 25 things about me I was conscious to not reveal too much personal information about myself. I'm concerned about personal data being published on the Internet. With online banking now using more personal challenge response questions instead of the standard "mother's maiden name" is it a good idea to post your dog's name or your favorite color?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm finally a big girl, at least when it comes to having blood drawn

When I was small I used to scream and thrash whenever I got a shot or had to have blood drawn. My mother had to practically sit on me to hold me steady for the doctor. Having a low threshold for pain and having all those traumatic experiences in my youth I've never been brave or good with having blood drawn. I passed the mid-century mark a few years back but haven't been able to get past that.

Several years ago I was found to carry the family genes for high cholesterol. That required continual monitoring of levels, which meant frequent blood tests. They were always painful and very stressful on me. Somewhere I picked up the advice to bite a finger on the other arm as they are about to put in the needle. The theory being you are causing yourself pain which will move your focus away from the needle. With some phlebotomists (person who draws the blood) that technique doesn't really do much.

Not long ago my medical office changed labs. The phlebotomist at the new lab is very kind and gentle. He's quite good at always finding the vein and causing very little pain. The last time I was in, as he wrapped the constrictor tubing on my arm, I did my usual finger bite. He commented "Oh right, you are the one who has to bite her finger" That shamed me into trying it today without any crutches. As he was getting ready I commented that I was going to be brave and not bite my finger. He said "it's not going to work, see, you are already thinking about it." But I did it, I just sat there and it didn't bother me when he stuck in the needle.

All bets are off however, if I end up with a different phlebotomist. And, I'm still a big baby when it comes to shots and dental work.