Saturday, July 18, 2009

Science Fiction and Fantasy book club reading list for 2009/2010

The still mostly librarians science fiction and fantasy book club met today for their annual book selection for extended fiscal year 2009/2010. We have been having troubles finding a date to meet in the middle of summer so selected enough books this time to get us to fall 2010.

Here are the books we will be reading. Read along and comment if you'd like.

2009/08 Doctorow, Cory / Little Brother (SF)

2009/09 Farmer, Nancy / The House of the Scorpion (SF)

2009/10 Haldeman, Joe / Camouflage (SF)

2009/11 Bujold, Lois McMaster / Sharing Knife: Beguilement (Fantasy)

2009/12 LeGuin, Ursula K. / Left Hand of Darkness (Classic)

2010/01 Vance, Jack / Last Castle (SF)

2010/02 Bulgakov, Mikhail / Master and Margarita (Fantasy)

2010/03 Stirling, S.M. / Court of the Crimson Kings (Alternate history)

2010/04 Turtledove, Harry / Rule Britannia (Alternate history)

2010/05 Grimwood, Ken / Replay (Speculative)

2010/06 Butcher, Jim / Furies of Calderon (Fantasy)

2010/07 Stross, Charles / Saturn's Children (Space opera)

2010/08 Brooks, Max / World War Z (Fantasy)

2010/09 Bellamy, Edward / Looking Backward (Classic)