Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friends and contacts

What is the etiquette of inviting and accepting invitations to be "friends" I see the value of adding contacts or friends at some web 2.0 sites but not others.

Twitter, to have any useful context to ones personal life, requires finding and adding friends that share a common interest or profession or whatever so that one can see and share what is going on with each other.

On Flickr and some other sites it is useful to have contacts just as a quick link to their photos or blog pages.

When one is invited to be a friend is it OK to decline? I declined one request on a social networking site and the next day the same individual sent another request. I chose not to "friend" this individual because they are not a librarian nor a personal friend. I will just ignore the request this time but am I ruffling any web 2.0 and library 2.0 feathers?

Myspace users seem to be big on gathering lots of friends. On some of the library myspace pages I noticed that most of the "friends" are authors trying to get free advertising. Is this a good thing?

I guess I'm just anti-social, but I do value my real friends and colleagues and the new ones I am making in web 2.0.

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bonnie said...

I agree that there should be some connection to justify the "friend" link. I see that as one of the nice aspects of blogs; using the comments section can actually lead to a conversation. MySpace is not much fun without friends and Second Life is just plain bleak.