Saturday, May 19, 2007

Things 7 and 8 - RSS and Bloglines

I've been using an assortment of RSS readers for quite awhile.

At home I've been using Firefox as my web browser and it has had a built-in feed reader for a year or so. Subscribing to an RSS feed is extremely easy. Just click the orange and white icon that appears in the address bar and you are good to go. The feed will appear in your bookmarks. To view an article of interest just select the bookmark.

I also have a Bloglines account. It's easy to subscribe to feeds there, just add and paste in the URL of the blog. I can view my feeds from any Internet connected computer.

I subscribe to a number of library and librarian blogs. I find Walt Crawford's Walt at Random an enjoyable read. I also check out Library 2.0, Cataloging Futures, and I especially like Stephen Abram's Stephen's Lighthouse.

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