Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thing 2 and 18 together

I just noticed that Blogger says you can post to Blogger from Google Documents and Spreadsheets. This is merging thing 2 with thing 18, very convenient.

I'm just guessing here that all I have to do is click the Publish button and it will ask which of my blogs I want to publish it to. If that fails there is always Help.

I had been writing drafts of my blog posts in Google Docs and Spreadsheets, so this will be very convenient. Course, I've finished 22 of the 23 things so may not be posting more to the blog.

Time to hit that Publish button and see what happens.

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j-seagal said...

Post clicking the Publish button: That was very simple. It was a two-step process, first I was asked to set up my blog site settings and then I was able to Publish to the blog.