Friday, June 1, 2007

Thing 12 - Rollyo

I tried out Rollyo. Interesting service.

I created a search roll to search just I was looking for a listing of the official state symbols so I typed in the term "symbols". The first result was a direct hit to the symbol listing. I then searched the built-in search feature on Got a lot of extra garbage and the page I was looking for was result #7. Just to round out my test I searched Google with the terms "California" and "symbols" There were a number of relevant hits, both governmental and commercial. The page I was looking for was the fifth hit. Also nice in Google were image results at the top of the hit list.

Back when I did online reference one common question was "how do I get a copy of my birth certificate?" I tried searching "birth certificate" in my Rollyo search roll for and also the built-in search at the site. Rollyo's eleventh hit gave me the information I was looking for whereas the built-in search got me to the information in the first hit. The Rollyo search results also included sponsored links (ads) at the top and within the search results. I didn't like that.

I don't have sophisticated nor extensive searching needs. Google seems to meet most of my needs quite well, or I go directly to subject specific informational sites.

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