Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thing 14 - Technorati

Glad to get this one checked off my things list. I really didn't like Technorati. It used to be cleaner and simpler. Here are the results of my quick side-by-side comparison of Technorati vs. a few Google searches. For all I searched the term "Twitter"

Technorati: Quick view results in Technorati were:

  • under blog posts, #1 Irish eateries, #2 something in Japanese but with a DE host, so probably spam, #3 Free XXX Movies.
  • Under Videos #1 Twitter on CBS news, #2 Twitter wins at sxsw, #3 Twitter over iggy, #4 Twitter on Fring
  • Under Photos: #1chickens pecking the weeds between the boxes, #2 a twitter screen print #3 those chickens again, #4 Twitter screen print
  • Under music, didn't bother to open
  • Google blog search #1 Evolution of blogging, including twitter, #2 The future of Twitter, #3 Why I spam on Twitter, #4 Twitcash, earn money via your Twitter
  • Google image search: #1 picture of flutist, #2 twitter screenshot, #3 twitter screen shot, #4 picture of a Twitter friend
  • Google video search: #1 Twitter on CBS news, #2 a commentary on current trends including twitter, #3 Blaine Cook on Scaling Twitter, #4 Datta now has a Twitter account
Observations, if I want relevant content I'll use Google. Searching Technorati using others' self tagged terms produces unsavory results. As Technorati says front and center of their home page "Zillions of photos, videos, blogs and more (some of them have to be good)" But when most aren't I'd prefer to spend my time on sites that give useful content.

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