Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thing 20 - YouTube

After lunch I watched Karen Schneider's YouTube video on LOCKSS and it got me thinking, I have a video file on my PC. I had just received my digital camera as a birthday gift the day before a trip to Hayward to see the Kirtas book scanner. The camera has a movie mode. I took a little video of the book scanner in action. It wasn't until I got back that I realized that the camera also records sound, else I would have narrated the workings of the scanner.

I searched YouTube to see if anyone else had posted a video of a working Kirtas scanner. There was one video taken at SLA this year.

I just joined YouTube, went to the upload page, browsed to where the file was, filled in a title, description and tags and let it upload. Once uploaded YouTube provides the code which can be used to embed the video on blogs or websites.

On Blogger I started typing in "Compose" mode, then clicked on the Edit Html tab and pasted in the code provided by YouTube. Here is the result (not appearing yet, seems to take a lot of time for YouTube to process, or maybe there was a problem with the file, but regardless, it was easy to do) :

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