Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Too much twittering

I decided to follow a library on Twitter. The Casa Grande Library in ?? (see below for the hunt to find out where they are located) uses Twitter to announce events, new books, etc. They provide nice links to the catalog records for the material. But they blast out way too many tweets. Just this morning they updated 17 times. I'm going to remove them as it is making it difficult to follow my librarian friends.

The search for Casa Grande Library: Looking at their catalog I still can't figure out where they are located. Finally going to their web page and scrolling WAY down to the very bottom is a map with their mailing address. They are in Arizona.


Jeff Scott said...

Sorry about the too many tweets. I am still playing with the service. We might go customized so that you can sign up for just adult, child, teen, and technology. Don't have it just right yet, but thanks for the mention. Sorry if we were overloading you.

Marianaria Sra. bibliotecaria said...

The location problem highlights the need for a library to recognize that once it is on the web, its audience is no longer limited to the community in which it is located. I've encountered other library websites that lack an address beyond the street.