Friday, August 10, 2007

Others looking at Twitter

Andy Ihnatko, columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, reports on a second thoughts about Twitter (published yesterday) after reviewing it a few months ago. His comments mirror my opinion:

All a Twitter

The process of writing a column doesn't end when the column hits print. Additional time and experience often change my opinions. Take Twitter, for example. A few months ago, I gave it a pretty lukewarm review. I just didn't get it: You sign up for a free account on, and then you can send out 140 character text messages that the whole world can read. "A petri dish for galloping pointlessness," I sniffed, after duly discussing its possible attractions.

Still, it's so bloody popular, I determined to stick with it. Either I'd discover that I got it wrong, or I'd be armed with enough ammo to redouble my arrogance.

I'm sorry to report that it's the former. Twitter is indeed pointless . . . but only until a certain critical mass of your friends join up, and start Twittering regularly. I often think of little things that don't merit a phone call or a blog post, but are interesting enough to share anyway. Twitter fills that void nicely ( and posting or reading a Tweet often leads to an e-mail or a phone call. A Tweet isn't actual social interaction, but it's an enzyme that helps the process along.

Full article: Second takes on some first impressions

There are a few people at CSL using Twitter regularly. I've seen intra-bureau and intra-section communication open up due to Twitter. Staff get to know their semi-remote co-workers as people and friends, not just a name on the email list.

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