Saturday, November 3, 2007

AOL Instant Messenger - BAH AOL!

I opened AIM to see if I could catch my sister online. AOL soon came up with a pop-up wanting to install a security update. Sure, security is good, so I told it to go ahead.

Then the terms and conditions came up. It wouldn't let me copy and paste it, so I'm going to take the time to transcribe most of it here because I find it very presumptuous and aggresive in assuming I want all my settings changed to what they want:

You will be given a choice whether to install the AIM Toolbar, QQ Games, and AIM Tunes and whether to change your home page in Internet Explorer to and your default search engine to AOL Search. DON'T MESS WITH MY BROWSER SETTINGS!!!

AIM will start automatically when you start Windows. You can change this behaviour ... DON'T MESS WITH MY START-UP SETTINGS!!!

A desktop shortcut, system tray icon, Start Menu folder, and Quick Launch shortcut for AIM will be added to your computer to provide you quick access to AIM's features and services. DON'T MESS WITH MY NICE CLEAN DESKTOP AND SYSTEM TRAY!!!

I'm going to agree, only because I want a secure system, but then I'll have to spend my valuable time undoing all the garbage they throw on my PC. Fooey on you AOL.

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