Friday, November 23, 2007

It's all about the tools

It's all about the tools
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Prior attempts to roll out any type of dough have been met with dismal failure. I had some frozen fruit pie filling (home made from home grown fruit) in my freezer. Buying pre-made pie crusts (the only ones I could find lard-free where the ones already in a pie plate) and trying to make a two-crust pie from them met with failure. To do the wonderful fruit justice I decided to finally attempt making and rolling my own pie dough.

First step was assembling all the right tools.

I had seen a pie-bakeoff on the Food Network awhile ago and one of the contestants used a plastic pie form. Put the dough in, zip it up, and roll out the dough to perfect shape. I found one for under $5.00.

So, where would I roll it out? On the kitchen counter, but darn, we've got tile. Yuck. Even with the plastic pie roller thing I'd still end up with unsightly lines. Marble slab purchased ages ago to the rescue. Not really quite big enough, but it would work.

Rolling pin. I bought a fancy T-Fal rolling pin many years ago and never was happy with it. Things stuck to it even with the T-Fal non-stick coating, but with the plastic pie roller thing, I didn't have to worry.

Final tool was the most crucial for my small stature. A step-stool to provide leverage to be able to work the dough from above.

The most important tool stepped in during my exertions and gruntings. Significant other (significantly taller and stronger) stepped in to finish rolling out the dough.

The plastic pie roller thing worked really well and cleaned up better than expected. I may try this again if the pie comes out well.

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