Monday, December 10, 2007

Finally enlightened

A little over two years ago S.O.'s place of work was bought out by a company in Minnesota. For the past two years in December we've come home to find a Honey-Baked ham sitting on our doorstop. I don't eat ham and I don't like the smell so don't like my dear guy to eat it when I'm around. I thoughtfully took a couple of vacations with my sister leaving him at home with notes to eat the ham. They are still in the freezer.

The California campus has a very diverse employee base. Some one must have finally complained to the parent company that Muslims, Jews, and vegetarians would not find a ham sitting on their doorstop to be a gift because this year they sent out an email:

As in previous years we would like to spread a little cheer to our employees by
providing you with part of your holiday feast. Holiday hams from Honey
Baked will be delivered to each employees home unless you prefer a turkey or
fruit basket instead.
Those who wish to receive a turkey or fruit basket instead please communicate this preference to HR by days end.
Only those who do not wish to receive a ham need to respond to this e-mail.
Thank you

They give them only one day to respond, but at least they gave them the option. I'm hoping S.O. asks for a turkey.

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Marianaria Sra. bibliotecaria said...

Last year, at state-wide conference, the breakfast meeting hosted by my library system didn't offer a choice of breakfasts: everyone got a plate with, among other items, a piece of ham. At my table of about 9 people, five of us just left the ham. What a waste of food.