Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Flickr photos

Yacht Rising Sun
Originally uploaded by siegel_jackie.
My flickr name is siegel_jackie (I'm not a very creative type)

my photos page is at:

I get a kick out of the number of views my photos get. Of my series of cruise food pictures the desserts get the most hits.

The most popular of my photos is shown here. It's of the yacht Rising Sun owned by Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle. It's only be up 10 days and already has over 200 hits. My other vaction photos uploaded the same day have about 20 hits.

I have about 180 photos on Flickr. I think I'm going to have to spring for a Pro account as I've got another cruise coming up in the summer. This one will be with my family so taking food pictures helps keep me sane.

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