Thursday, April 19, 2007

Week 3, Exercise 1, part 3 Videocasting

Manchester Public Library videocasts: Wow, is that orange or what? Pod and video casts were done in 2005 and appear to no longer be on the site? Not really much content on the site as a whole.

Westerville Public Library Castr service: Nice welcoming page. Interesting topics. No link back to the library's website. Quality of the video recording looks amateurish, but that's ok, more homey. Only five casts. Maybe there should be a warning that the casts will take a long time to load. On library's main page there is a link to Castr.

Orange County Public Library videocasts: Right at the top they offer a tutorial to RSS and a link labeled "confused about podcasts". Easy to navigate. But from the library's main page how are people to know it's classified under "Classes and Programs"?

Boy, will I be the bandwidth hog today on our network.

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