Thursday, April 19, 2007

Week 3, exercise 1, part 2 Audio and podcasting

Curtin University of Technology podcasts: Explanation given of a podcast and how to subscribe or listen. Podcasts are categorized into four general series. The Introductory series contains instructions to using the library. The Advanced series goes into more advanced reference sources. They also have a series of book reviews and are starting a series of lectures by the faculty which also will provide an opportunity for comments. I like the idea of providing podcasts on how to use the library. It might appeal to someone who is reluctant to ask a librarian in person and can't bear to read a description of services. The library's main page has a prominently displayed link to the podcasts.

Denver Public Library: Nice clean page. Has very clear podcasting help. Story time for kids. Great idea. The image of the book cover is linked to the catalog record. I'd have liked to seen a recommendation to check out the book and then listen along. It's not too obvious that you don't have to sit your kid in front of the computer to just listen to a blank screen talking, that you can check out the book and read along. Getting to the podcast page from the homepage required one to click on the DPL Download link. Pretty much straight forward.

Grand Rapids Public Library: The page is a little cluttered towards the bottom and a little confusing for podcast newbies. I could not find a link on their main page to get to their podcasts.

Sunnyvale Public Library podcasts: How'd they score the URL Good for them to think outside the box. Quite an extensive list of programs available. The site is set up like a blog, with detailed descriptions of each program as they are added and multiple options on how to hear the program, including a built-in play button. Very user friendly. I like the oral histories. The library's main webpage has a clear link to the podcasts. My favorite of the examples.

Thomas Ford Memorial Library Audio Reviews by Teens: Not too many there yet but nice concept. A librarian interviews the book reviewer to keep the pace.

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