Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Week 3, Exercise 1 Multimedia, part 1 Flickr

Images and Flickr

Picture Australia is awesome. What a great collaboration of public and private institutions.

Kansas City Public Library
: I did not like the rotating banner of events. It was too distracting, maybe the images are set to scroll too fast? I did like the thumbnails on the homepage in the middle-left of the page, kind of a "features" area. I did not like the thumbnails on the New Items guide. The choice of images sometimes didn't seem to really portray the topic. Why a landscape for Large Print?

Colorado College Tutt Library on Flickr: They are participating in the 365 library days project. That is such a neat idea. I've passed information on to our public information officer about the project, perhaps we'll join in. They seem to have been uploading on Flickr since 2005 but only have about 200 photos. They are keeping it up, with photos posted just two days ago.

Hennepin County Library on Flickr: I like that they have pictures of each of their branches and the description of each photo includes the address, phone number and availability of free wireless Internet. The photos then include a note which includes a link to the branch library's homepage. Their Bookspace project is fun, people are invited to submit a photo of themselves reading in their favorite place.

Westmont Public Library New Fiction on Flickr: How clever to photograph the new book shelves and then add notes to the books and link them to the catalog. A great way to announce new books.

Takeaways from the assignment: 1. Posting holiday party and other library staff events so that staff that have left the library will be able to see their old co-workers. Currently our holiday photos are on a shared network drive, available only in-house. 2. Coming up with a topic and invite the community to submit photos. 3. Photograph new books and link them to the catalog

Thoughts about implementing Flickr at our library. A librarian created a Flickr account and gave it to our Public Information Officer (PIO). She posted a few pictures. In the meantime Flickr changed a bit and you then had to sign in with your Yahoo account, not your old Flickr account. Turns out the librarian had used the Flickr account at an earlier place of work and couldn't recall the account or password, so that account is in essence closed (it was a free account) The PIO wanted to upload some more pictures, so we created a new Yahoo/Flickr account and can access that one. That too is a free account. We were trying to figure out how we could pay for a pro account, what with being a government entity with ridiculous purchasing hoops to go through, so we are sticking with the free account. I noticed the other day that if there is no activity (new pictures) in 90 days your account will be deleted. So, how do we preserve our presence on Flickr. Even with a pro account, what's to guarantee that Flickr will be around next year or in 5 years?

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