Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Week 2, Exercise 1: MySpace

MySpace examples:

Denver Public Library: Annoying music, geared towards teens.

University of Texas Libraries
: Geared towards students.

Thomas Ford Memorial Library: Geared towards teens, but profile says 84 year old male.

Comments on all. I noted that most of the "friends comments" were from other libraries and published authors. Is the target audience coming to their pages? From Thomas Ford's blog apparently not, the teen librarian is beseeching teens to stop by, without success.


LibrarianInBlack said...

TFML is an 84 year old male because that's how old the library is. Many libraries choose to list their birthdate as the day the library was founded. Therefore, many of them are old...

j-seagal said...

I figured that's what they had used as an age, but how many of their target audience, the teens, understand that. If they are searching for "friends" in their age group they'd never stumble across their local library.

Is age (or birthdate) a required field in MySpace. If so, that's too bad.