Thursday, May 10, 2007

California libraries 23 things

I am so glad that Infopeople is hosting a Learning 2.0 23 things project. I look forward to working with others in my library in exploring web 2.0 technologies.

I've been playing for awhile but know that there is much more to discover.

One of the first tasks before getting to number 1 is to view the archive of Helene Blower's webcast. Though I watched the webcast live, I went to the arcive to see if our staff might have problems. I was able to view the webcast. I had major problems running the Wizard which checks to see if the PC can run the webcast. On three different PC's, running Windows 2000 and Windows XP and IE 6, both SP1 and SP2 the wizard crashed IE each and every time. I don't know if this is a local problem with our staff PC's or a problem with the wizard. If I have a chance I'll try the wizard from home on my PC running Vista and IE7.


Infopeople said...

Welcome to the challenge! And thanks for the info on thewizard. People have been having problems with Real Player, and we are looking at other solutions.

j-seagal said...

As I type I'm trying to download and install Real Player. ... finished... Vista Firewall, even when I tell it to allow, doesn't seem to like Real Player. The Wizard hung up on the Real Player test after the install but I tried running the archived webcast anyway and had no problems. At least with IE7, Internet Explorer didn't crash during the wizard.