Saturday, May 12, 2007


I am really enjoying playing with Flickr, so much so that I recently purchased a two-year subscription and now am thinking of all the fun sets I can create. Today is the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, California, so digital camera will travel.

For several years I had been looking for an easy, free web site for sharing photographs. Early attempts on other sites required everyone who wanted to view my pictures to also register with the site and log in each time. One site promised free hosting forever, and then was bought out by another company and in a flash all my photos were gone. Tried another site, again it was to be free forever, but they changed their business model and you had to purchase prints from them at least once a year. Zap, there went those photos. I still had the originals on my computer but the links I sent people and postings on forums no longer worked. So, I'm thrilled with Flickr. People do not have to register in order to view photos. I also like the ability to create sets, or albums and add tags and descriptions. Only thing that concerns me is the public sharing part of it. I'm careful to not upload photos of friends and family unless they approve to protect their privacy. For those photos I use a different service. With Snapfish (which I use to develop my 35mm film) my photos are shared only to people I've invited.

I learned about Flickr groups from the Infopeople eBranch online workshop. I decided to search for groups on cruising. I found a pretty good group about Princess cruises (not my favorite cruise line but the family likes it) so joined. I was poking around the members and saw that the creator was Libraryman. How serendipitous, stumbling upon a librarian as I'm exploring personal interests.

I've started taking pictures around my library and plan to upload them soon into the 365 Library Days project. We're only open Monday through Friday so it won't quite be a documentation of a full year (plus I do get vacations)

With a head start from the online workshop, I believe I've now completed things 1 through 4. Oh, BTW my Flickr photos can be found at:

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