Friday, May 18, 2007

Thing 18 online productivity tools

I'm jumping ahead to thing #18 because I found a need and there was the solution. I had a Microsoft Word document on my work PC where I've been jotting down Our23 Things notes for eventual addition to the blog. I planned on working a bit on it at home over the weekend. In the past I would have sent the document to my home email as an attachment, worked on it there, then sent it back. That would have resulted in possibly three different versions.

I created a Google Docs & Spreadsheets account (already had the account from signing up for blogger) and cut and pasted my Word document onto the web page. Now, where ever I may be I'll have access to the one and only current version of the document.

I've deleted the Microsoft Word version since it is no longer the most current, nor the most convenient.

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