Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thing 5, fun with Flickr

Flickr mashups

Retrievr Interesting idea, not sure how useful. It is hard to draw something and get expected results. I tried drawing a sailing ship, got pictures of trees and snowscapes. I tried drawing a simple picture of one of my photos in Flickr, nothing similar came up. I tried uploading an image but it didn’t work and didn’t give me a reason why.

Spell with Flickr Wasn’t too intuitive on how you could then paste the resulting letter words somewhere else, but I figured it out. The website is hard to read with its black background and blue lettering but finally saw “Here is the html of these images for use on other sites” with a box below with html coding. I selected all the text in the box and then pasted it into the blog (first selecting the edit html tab, then going back to the compose tab to easily write more in this post.

J A C K I is for Édifice E

Tagnautica Mesmerizing. I’ll have to mull over possible value. Reminds me a bit of searching library catalog through relationships, a la Aquabrowser and the like. (see Queens Library for a demonstration) This enhances the ability to browse through a library’s collection.

Flappr An interface to searching Flickr. It requires Flash 8 or above. I thought I only had Flash 7 on my PC, but it worked fine for me. I used the same search in Flappr and Flickr. Flappr found 14, Flickr found 76.

I didn’t want to take the time for the games. Perhaps I’ll play with them at home with my S.O. He enjoys the unusual sites I come home with.

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j-seagal said...

OK, I didn't expect the image letters to go down the page vertically. Oh well, not enough time to try to work it out.