Friday, September 21, 2007

Deleting one's web 2.0 presence

Now that the 23 Things challenge is winding down I decided to see how one can go about deleting all the various accounts that were created in doing the 23 Things.

Some of the web 2.0 services are fairly straight forward and the method to cancel an account can be easily found. Those that shine in that regard are Google (not that I'd want to cancel any of my Google services), Twitter (again, I'm planning on keeping that account), Flickr (I bought a two-year membership so that's staying), Technorati (Oct. 19th this may go), YouTube, and

I had to go to "About" and then "FAQ" to find out how to delete an account on LibraryThing but it does give instructions (you have to send an email to Abby, hopefully Abby won't be leaving LibraryThing) A "Help" link would have been nice.

Technorati admits that they have not incorporated an option to automatically delete an account but do provide detailed, albeit slightly outdated as some of the wording has changed, instructions.

Bloglines and Rollyo do not provide a way to delete an account. Guess that keeps their numbers high.

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