Saturday, March 29, 2008

The power of suggestion and a shameful endorsement

Last weekend as I was flipping through the TV channels I came upon a documentary of Harland Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken. They discussed the 11 herbs and spices and how people would line up to buy the chicken.

I haven't had KFC's fried chicken since college, which was a few decades ago. I'm thinking it's just fast food, it can't be that good and tasty. But even so, it got me craving a piece of the original recipe.

Today I convinced S.O. to go to our local KFC for lunch instead of eating our usual heart healthy food. He too hadn't been to one in decades.

After navigating the confusing menu and explaining to the 20-something cashier we hadn't been to a KFC in decades, we finally decided on our orders. Already prepared chicken was sitting under heat lamps behind her. Again my thoughts were that I'd find the food to be rather mediocre, fast-foodish.

She rang up the order and gave us a senior discount! I don't think we qualify, but maybe it was because she thought a decade was a good 40 years or so.

We sat down with our original recipe chicken breasts and darn if they weren't good eats. Really flavorful crust and moist chicken meat. Maybe a little salty but full of flavor. I even ate the little bones to get at all the flavor.

Now back to healthy eating for another couple of decades, but it sure was good to get a fix of those 11 secret herbs and spices.

Now off to the athletic club to work off the extra calories.

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