Saturday, March 22, 2008

A roller-coaster week for my XO laptop

Wednesday I met with another XO owner for a third try at sharing applications (activities) via the mesh network. Third time seemed to be the charm. We were able to chat, collaborate on a document, and share photos taken with the XOs' cameras.

Thursday I brought my XO to a Cool Tech Brown Bag lunch at my place of work and passed it around for folks to play with.

Thursday evening I noticed that sometimes what I typed would be in capital letters, yet there is no cap locks key. I also noticed that typing the letter A would shift all future letters into capitals. I was able to get the keyboard back to typing lower-case by repeatedly hitting the shift key and typing and erasing and typing and erasing.

By Saturday I was unable to get the keyboard to shift back to lower-case at all. This made logging into my email impossible since passwords are case sensitive and I couldn't type anything in lower-case.

Luckily there is an excellent help forum for XO owners and a wonderful wiki. Keyboard issues are common. Many people experienced the problem while under the 30 day warranty so had their laptops replaced. I've owned my XO for three months now. Others in my position disassembled their XO's and cleaned under the keyboard's rubber membrane and got theirs working again.

Also luckily my S.O. loves to take apart electronics and he's generally pretty good at putting them back together again.

I owe lots of XXX's and OOO's to my S.O. because he did manage to fix my XO, at least for now.

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