Sunday, May 11, 2008

No Returns

The restaurant at Volcano House has a dinner menu that appears to promise at least some good eats, albeit at exhorbitant prices. You must make reservations for dinner. On arrival at your time you check in with the hostess who has a waiter escort you to your white-clothed covered table.

I ordered shrimp scampi at $24.50. My S.O. ordered the chicken picatta from the special entrees for the day (at $20.95.) We got a choice of dressings for our salad, the usual selection; ranch, Italian, blue cheese, plus two specialties; papaya seed or liliani passion fruit. We were also asked for our "choice of starch" which consisted of white rice, wild rice or red potatoes.

The salad arrived and we immediately regretted our decision to stay in the park for dinner. The salad consisted of a small plate with a little iceberg lettuce, one cucumber slice, one cherry tomato, and some carrot shavings. The dressing was presented in a plastic cup.

The entrees arrived. The main ingredient in my scampi was mushrooms. At least it had enough garlic to be a little tasty. Not so the chicken. The capers were so vinegary they couldn't be eaten. The chicken was dry and tasteless.

We wonder why they even pretend to be a nice restaurant. They've got to figure on never having repeat customers.

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