Saturday, May 3, 2008

Work vs. vacation

My S.O. and I have come to the stunning realization that a vacation is preferable to work, at least in the long run. Still stressful at times, but filled with new experiences and calming vistas.

We are now on the big island of Hawaii. We spent two nights at a real treasure of a hotel, the Dolphin Bay Hotel. In addition to reasonable prices they've thought of a lot of things to help make their guests' stay enjoyable. One amenity is fresh fruit for all to enjoy. They grow their own bananas and have bunches hanging in the lobby for the taking.

We had a full day of activities yesterday, culminated by viewing the glow of the lava vents as they hit the sea.

As it's hard to type on my XO and the Hilo farmers' market awaits us, that's it for now.

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